Using values from a data pool

Data pools contain a series of values, or data patterns, that can be used as initialization or expected values for use in a test case or the data dictionary.

Before you begin

The values contained in the data pool must match the type of the variable that you want to initialize.

About this task

Data pools do not import the data contained in a CSV file. When a CSV file is updated externally, any tests that refer to the data pool will use the data contained in the updated CSV file.


To use values from a data pool:
  1. In the test editor, select a Check block to edit the variable checks.
  2. In the Initial Expression column of one variable, click the menu button (Menu button) and select Data pool.
  3. In Data pool, select a data pool that is in the project.
    Values number indicates the number of rows contained in the CSV table.
  4. In Column, select the column number of the data set that you want to use to initialize the variables and click OK.


The number of iterations displayed in the test case editor is updated to incorporate the number of values of the data pool (or rows in the CSV file).