Creating test harnesses

Use the New Test Harness wizard to create new test harnesses. A test harness contains one or several test cases and is required to run the test, it also includes source files under test, stubs, and Target Deployment Port (TDP) configuration settings.


To create a test harness from the project explorer:
  1. In the project explorer, right-click the project and click New > Test Harness.
    If you select a function, skip to step 3.
    The Create Test Case wizard opens.
  2. In the Create Test Harness wizard, select one or several test cases that you want to run together and click Next.
    If no test cases exist, you can click New Test Case to create a new one.
  3. On the Test Harness Location page, select the folder and name for the test harness and click Finish.


The test harness is created in the specified folder and opens in the test harness editor.