Publishing HTML reports to the Server

You can publish HTML reports generated from HCL OneTest Embedded to HCL OneTest Server.

Before you begin

You must have installed to HCL OneTest Server and started it. For more information about HCL OneTest Server, see the Information center.

About this task

With the current version of HCL OneTest Embedded, the following reports can be published:
  • Coverage
  • Code Review
  • Data Coupling
  • Control Coupling
  • Performance profiling
  • Stack Size profiling
This feature applies to Eclipse IDE.


You must first setup the server URL in the preferences:

  1. Open the Preferences menu.
  2. Click OneTest Server.
  3. Enter the Server URL..
  4. Click Test Connection to test the connection to the Server.
  5. If you connect to Server for the first time, specify the offline user token that you created on the server. To create a token on HCL OneTest Server, see Generating an offline token.
    Note: You can publish HTML reports for the following tests: Applications, Test Harness, and Test Suites.
  6. Click Apply and close.
  7. Right-click on the test you want to publish, select Publish on OneTest Server.
  8. In the dialog that opens, select the project and the list of reports to be published.
  9. If you have already published these reports, click Overwrite result to overwrite those results.
  10. Click Publish .


To view the published results, log in to the Server, select the project, and then click Results.