Data pool editor reference

The data pool editor enables you to link a data pool to a CSV file located in the workspace or in the file system.

Click this button to select the CSV file that is referred to by the current data pool.
Character set
Specify the character set used to generate the CSV file.
Specify the locale used to generate the CSV file. This defines the characters used to note decimals or thousands.
First row as column names
Select this option to use the first row as titles for the columns. Test data starts on the second row.
First row
Specify the first row to use for test data.
Activate line range
Select this option to limit the number of rows used for test data. When selected, use Range row count to specify the number of rows to use.
Text delimiter
Specify whether to use a quote or a double-quote for text.
Separator options
Specify one or several characters to use as a column separator. If you select Other, type a character to use as a separator.