HCL OneTest Embedded is a complete test and runtime analysis tool set for systems development created in any cross-development environment. HCL OneTest Embedded provides tools for automated component testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, and UML sequence diagram tracing.

Systems development includes (but is not limited to) embedded, real-time and/or technical systems development. And this type of software is often performed in conjunction with the larger scope of a systems engineering activity. HCL OneTest Embedded is a cross-platform solution designed specifically for developers creating software applications for products of embedded (for example, mobile phone, medical device, handled global positioning system, and so on), real-time (for example, aerospace, automotive or telecommunications control system), and other technical systems applications for example, simulated research computation and advanced grid computing systems).

Implementing a practical, effective and professional testing process within your organization has become essential because of the increased risk that accompanies software complexity. The time and cost devoted to testing must be measured and managed accurately. Very often, lack of testing causes schedule and budget overruns with no guarantee of quality. Critical trends require software organizations to be structured and to automate their test processes. These trends include:
  • Ever increasing quality and time to market constraints.
  • Growing complexity, size and number of software-based equipment.
  • Lack of skilled resources despite need for productivity gains
  • Increasing interconnections of critical and complex embedded systems.
  • Proliferation of quality and certification standards throughout critical software markets, including the avionics, medical, and telecommunications industries.

HCL OneTest Embedded provides a full range of answers to these challenges by enabling full automation of system and software test processes.

HCL OneTest Embedded is a complete test and runtime analysis tool set for embedded, real-time and networked systems created in any cross-development environment. Automated testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, UML tracing, code review - with HCL OneTest Embeddedyou fix your code before it breaks.

HCL OneTest Embedded covers runtime analysis and software testing, all in a fully integrated testing environment.

The latest release of HCL OneTest Embedded integrates with Rational Quality Manager to provide a more collaborative approach to product software development and testing. HCL OneTest Embedded is the most complete automated developer testing solution available on a wide range of host and target platforms. In addition, new integrations with other popular development tool environments allow developers to work in the environment of their choice. This enables the powerful testing capabilities of HCL OneTest Embedded to be used early in the product software development lifecycle because it is part of the developers daily work environment.

Target deployment port technology

Target deployment port (TDP) technology is a versatile, low-overhead mechanism that enables target-independent testing and runtime analysis with limitless target support. As a key component of HCL OneTest Embedded, TDP technology allows your tests be run directly on your target embedded hardware.

Each TDP is customized to accommodate your compiler, linker, debugger, and target architecture. Tests are independent of the TDP, so that the tests don't change when your environment changes. For example, you can run the same tests and code on the embedded hardware or on your local computer by switching the TDP and rebuilding the project.

Target deployment ports are designed to strongly reduce the data communication and runtime overhead that can affect your embedded systems when tested, while being versatile enough to adapt to any cross-development environment (RTOS, compiler, debugger, target communication) within a very short time.

DO-178B/C Qualification Kit

All HCL OneTest Embedded customers have access to the HCL OneTest Embedded DO-178B/C Qualification Kit, which can be submitted with your other project artifacts to meet DO-178B/C compliance requirements. The Qualification Kit covers unit testing for C and Ada languages, coverage for C and Ada languages and code review for C language (MISRA 2004).

For more information about DO-178bB/C support, contact the Products & Platforms Customer Support via this link: https://www.hcltech.com/products-and-platforms/support.