About performance profiling reports

The performance profiling report provides function profiling data for your program and its components so that you can see exactly where your program spends most of its time.

Top functions

This section of the report provides a percentage graph of the largest time consumers detected by performance profiling in the application.

Performance summary

This section of the report indicates, for each instrumented function, procedure or method (collectively referred to as functions), the following data:
  • Calls: The number times the function was called
  • Function (F) time: This value indicates the total time spent executing the function, exclusive of any calls to its descendants.
  • Function+descendant (F+D) time: The total time spent executing the function and any of its descendants (any other functions called by this function).
    Note: Because each of the descendants may have been called by other functions, it is not enough to simply add the descendants' F+D to the caller function's F. In fact, it is possible for the descendants' F+D to be larger than the calling function's F+D. The following example demonstrates three functions a, b and c, where both a and b each call c once:
    Table 1.
    Function F F+D
    a 5 15
    b 5 15
    c 20 20
    The F+D value of a is less than the F+D value of c because the F+D of a (15) equals the F of a (5) plus one half the F+D of c (20/2=10).
  • F Time (% of root) and F+D Time (% of root): Same as above, expressed in percentage of total execution time
  • Average F Time: The average time spent each time the function was executed.
  • Min F+D: The minimum time spent executing the function and any of its descendants.
  • Max F+D: The maximum time spent executing the function and any of its descendants.
    Note: The Min and Max values are optional because their calculation uses a large amount of memory. To calculate these values, you must activate the option in the Configuration Settings for the corresponding node.
Click on a function in the table to open the source file in the source code editor. To sort the table by one of the values, click the column title.