Code review overview

Automated source code review is a method of analyzing code against a set of predefined rules to ensure that the source adheres to guidelines and standards that are part of any efficient quality control strategy. HCL OneTest Embedded provides an automated code review tool, which reports adherence to guidelines for your C source code.

HCL OneTest Embedded code review tool implements rules from the MISRA-C: 2004 and MISRA C-: 2012 standards, which are guidelines for the use of the C language in critical systems.

Code review is part of the runtime analysis tools and can be enabled during a test run or in the project configuration settings.

When an application or test node is built, the source code is analyzed by the code review tool. Code review can be performed each time a node is built, but can also be calculated without executing the application. The tool checks the source file against the predefined rules and produces an HTML report and a .crc report.


When the build is complete, the code review report lists the following elements:
  • The Outline window displays a list of rules that were not compliant for each source file and function. You can use the elements in this view to navigate through the report.
  • A summary provides information about the general configuration, the date and the number of analyzed files. It also lists the number of errors and warnings that were encountered.
  • The code review report lists the rules for which errors or warnings were detected. It also provides information about the location of the error. You can click the title to go directly to the corresponding line in the source code.