Testing with PTU test scripts

You can add and configure PTU test scripts and execute them in a standalone mode or from a test suite in HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE.

About this task

You must import a PTU file in a project to be able to execute the test script.


  1. To import a PTU file, select File > Import and choose General > File System to select the file. You can import the file in any folder at any file structure level.
  2. To configure a PTU test script file, see Configuring .ptu or .otd test scripts.
  3. To execute PTU file, use one of the following method:
    1. To execute one PTU test script, right-click on a PTU file and choose Run as > Script test file.
    2. Alternatively, select Run Configurations and Test Script file in the dialog box that opens. Right-click and select New to create a new launch configuration. Then proceed as follows:
      • Set a name to your launch configuration.
      • In the Testing Script tab, select your PTU file in Select Application panel.
      • Select your configuration in the Configurations panel and click Run.
    3. To execute multiple PTU test scripts, create a test suite and select the PTU test scripts before running the test suite. For more details, see Creating test suites and Running a test suite.
      A test report and runtime analysis reports are generated. The test result and the test script results are displayed in the Test Result folder. From these files, you can open the appropriate HTML reports.
  4. To open the reports, select the report file corresponding to your last execution, right-click and select Open With > Test Report.