Setting up licensing

To deploy a published stub on an HCL OneTest API Agent, you must set up licensing.

About this task

Setup of HCL OneTest API Agent licensing is not covered here because it is an identical procedure to Setting up licensing. If the HCL OneTest API Agent will run no resources other than stubs in high-performance mode, then no HCL OneTest API Agent specific setup is required as control is delegated to Quality Server.

Note: HCL Quality Server is already enabled to trust the license server.


  1. HCL Quality Server requires environment variables according to the HCL OneTest API license set up. See Setting up licensing.
  1. Review messages and errors about entitlement as required. The HCL Quality Server Usage page indicates how many calls remain on the configured license. The HCL Quality Server stores messages and errors about entitlement in logs\messages.log in the installation directory.

What to do next

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