Testing with CICS®

HCL OneTest API supports the recording and virtualization of CICS® programs running on z/OS® that are called by CICS® Distributed Program Link (DPL). The CICS® transport supports interacting with such calls in CICS® Transaction Server (EXEC CICS® LINK calls and ECIRequest calls using IPIC) and CICS® Transaction Gateway (ECIRequest calls). CICS® programs can be called in a test via a CICS® Transaction Gateway.

About this task

The following conditions apply to testing and virtualizing CICS®:
  • Recording of channel-based calls requires HCL OneTest API and HCL Quality Server Version 9.1.1 or newer, and CICS Transaction Gateway Version 9.1 or newer.
  • CICS® Transaction Gateway is required to send a request to, or to receive a reply from, a CICS® program in a test that is using the CICS® transport. Web-enabled CICS® programs or web services can be called by using the HTTP transport and do not require a gateway.