Uninstalling HCL OneTest API and the HRVMMQF exit module

Uninstalling the HCL OneTest API HRVMMQF exit module involves a few actions.

About this task

To uninstall the HRVMMQF module, do the following steps:


  1. Stop any queue managers that are using the HRVMMQF exit module that was loaded into LPA. The RIT JOB will stop.
  2. Remove the HRVMMQF module from the Link Pack Area (LPA). This can be done dynamically by issuing the command setprog lpa,delete,modname=hrvmmqf,force=yes.
  3. Remove the APF authorization from the PROG member in the SYS1.PARMLIB concatenation.
  4. Delete the HCL OneTest API libraries.
  5. Restart the queue managers.

    If you change the contents of HRVMMQF in the LPA, you must stop any queue managers that are using it before you change the LPA, and restart the queue managers. Failure to do so can cause abends in the queue managers or the application.