Running the HCL OneTest API jobs

You can run the HCL OneTest API job and stop the running ones.

Before you begin

Edit the JCL for local customization


You can submit the exit job using either the customized procedure, or the started task, that you defined in Editing the JCL file for local customization. If you use a started task, you must do the following steps:
  1. Copy the RITRUN JCL member to a dataset in the PROCLIB concatenation
  2. Define the name of the started task to your security subsystem, and specify the user ID that the started task runs with.
When the queue manager stops, the HCL OneTest API job ends.
Note: While using HCL OneTest API with a queue sharing group to intercept messages to shared queues, you must run an instance of the exit job for each queue manager in the queue sharing group.

What to do next

Verifying the configuration and installation of the API Exits

Stopping jobs

To stop the job, use MVS operator command P jobname or F jobname,stop. If you are using a started task procedure, substitute the procname for jobname.


Other commands are as follows:
  • F jobname,DIS displays queues that were used, or have errors.
  • F jobname,DIS ERRORS displays only those queues that had an error when you are putting to the destination queue
  • F jobname,DIS ALL displays information about all queues that are being intercepted.
  • F jobname,refresh reads the definitions and updates the queues that are being intercepted. It also resets any statistics or errors and restarts interception.