Editing the JCL file for local customization

You can edit the JCL file for local customization in RIT.PROC.

Before you begin

Configure Websphere MQ on z/OS

About this task

Edit the RITRUN member in the userid.RIT.PROC dataset. If your queue manager is part of a queue sharing group, and if you want to use HCL OneTest API with shared queues, create a separate copy of the RITRUN JCL for each queue manager in the group.


  1. Change ++QMGR++ to the queue manager name.
  2. Change ++INSTLIB++ the library name that contains the RIT.AUTH code.
  3. Change ++HLQ++ to the HLQ names for SCSQAUTH, and SCSQANLE MQ libraries
  4. Specify the QM and TRACE parameter values for the RITSTART program .
    • QM(value)

      Where the value is a 1 to 4 character queue manager name. This parameter is required.

    • TRACE(n)

      Where n is between 0 and 9. The value of 0 means that no trace is displayed, for example PARM='QM(&QM.) TRACE(0)'.

  5. Change ++SYSMDUMP++ to the name of a data set, for example, userid.SYSMDUMP. If you are running HCL OneTest API with queue managers in a queue sharing group, you will need a unique SYSMDUMP dataset for each queue manager.