Testing with IMS Connect

For testing with IBM® Information Management System (IMS) Connect, you can set up HCL OneTest API. The set up will help you to record the IMS Connect traffic.

HCL OneTest API supports IMS Connect with IBM® IMS V12-14 by using the Java API included in IBM IMS Enterprise Suite V2.1, 3.1, or 3.2.

You can record and test IBM® IMS type 1 and type 2 messages:

  • Type 1 messages are generated from applications deployed on IBM® WebSphere® Application Server (V8.0 and later) that are configured with the IBM® IMS Transaction Manager Resource Adapter (V12-14 are supported).

  • Type 2 messages are generated from user-written applications that use IBM® IMS Enterprise Suite Connect API (C and Java, 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1 are supported). An IMS Connect configuration handles IMS protocol communications from a DataPower® service to IMS applications. If you plan to use a DataPower® service to connect to an IMS application, you must set the Expect LLLL Response Header option to off. Otherwise, HCL OneTest API cannot record the IMS Connect traffic.

Task Flow for testing with IMS Connect

You can complete the following tasks as part of testing the IMS Connect transport in HCL OneTest API.

Task More Information

On your Windows or Linux system, you must configure JAR files to support transports for IBM® IMS Connect.

Prerequisites for creating IMS Connect transports

To record interactions with IBM IMS systems, you must set up transports to provide information about the infrastructure of these systems.

Creating the IMS Connect transport
3 Configure the IMS Connect messages that you want to test. Configuring IMS Connect messages

You can set up HCL OneTest API to record the IMS Connect traffic.

Configuring HCL OneTest API for recording IMS Connect traffic
5 You can set up HCL OneTest API to virtualize the IMS Connect traffic. Configuring HCL OneTest API for virtualizing IMS Connect traffic