Message interception and application setup

Every intercepted message results in an MQPUT1 to the HCL OneTest API queue, which doubles the CPU cost of an MQPUT or MQPUT1. To reduce the overhead, intercept only the messages that you are interested in rather than intercepting all messages.

To avoid filling the HCL OneTest API queue, you must have a low message rate of intercepted messages, for example 10s of messages per second.

Messages are not intercepted when the following conditions are met::
  • The queue name is SYSTEM.* and AMQ.MQEXPLORER.*.
  • Messages are put to a QALIAS of a topic
  • Put commands are the result of an integrated publish/subscribe action.

Application setup

When a message is intercepted, it is put to a HCL OneTest API queue.

The user ID that is running the application must have permission to set the context of the HCL OneTest API queue.

When two user IDs are involved, for example, the CICS® transaction user ID, and the user ID of the CICS® region, both user ID must have permission to set the context.