Before creating CICS® transports

To use a CICS® Transaction Gateway transport, you must configure HCL OneTest API to use CICS® Transaction Gateway JAR files.

You do not require the CICS® Transaction Gateway JAR files if you intend to utilize an IPIC ((IP Interconnectivity) transport connection to your CICS server only, and not use a CICS Transaction Gateway. However, the Test Transport will display a message that the CICS® Transaction Gateway transport is not available, and that you must use IPIC.

You must use Library Manager to configure these third-party libraries.

Set up the following JAR files up in Library Manager:
  • ctgclient.jar
  • ctgserver.jar
These files are in the CICS® Transaction Gateway installation folder, in the classes sub folder.
Note: Make sure that the version of the ctgclient.jar and ctgserver.jar files matches that of the CICS Transaction Gateway in use; the best way to do this is to copy the JAR files from the CICS® Transaction Gateway installation folder itself. JAR files from a later version of a CICS Transaction Gateway will not work with HCL OneTest API. For information about using Library Manager, see Working with Library Manager