Running QuickTest Professional scripts

After HCL OneTest API is integrated with the HP QuickTest Professional, you can execute the test through HCL OneTest API which launches QuickTest Professional and execute the selected script.

About this task

Follow the steps to configure the GUI Interaction for a QuickTest Professional script.


  1. Open the test action and select QuickTest Pro from the Functional Testing Tool menu.
    GUI Interaction Run dialog box
    Note: If QuickTest Professional is the only GUI testing tool that is installed, the drop-down menu next to Functional Testing Tool is not available.
  2. Next to the Test Folder field, click Browse to locate and select an existing QuickTest Professional test folder.
    QTP Test folder selection
  3. Select the required folder and click QTP Test Folder to close the dialog.
  4. When finished editing the test action, click OK.

    When the GUI Interaction test action is executed from the test, HCL OneTest API launches QuickTest Professional and execute the selected script. The results of the script are displayed in the console, the same as with any other HCL OneTest API test.

    When you are viewing detailed results by clicking the results link in the console, the QuickTest Professional results viewer is displayed.