TIBCO BusinessWorks and Design Time Libraries

In HCL OneTest API, you can synchronize with a TIBCO BusinessWorks project or Design Time Library.

The synchronization process analyses the project or project library that is being tested and generates all the necessary artifacts in the HCL OneTest API project.


To simplify the process of testing TIBCO BusinessWorks projects and Design Time Libraries, HCL OneTest API provides a synchronization feature. This feature examines the source project or library and its configuration, and creates the equivalent test artifacts in HCL OneTest API.

In HCL OneTest API Architecture School, you can add a BusinessWorks project or Design Time Library as an external synchronization resource. A wizard guides you through the process and finishes with the synchronization phase. When the synchronization is complete, all of the required components, operations, dependencies, and so on, are available in your HCL OneTest API project.

Note: For more information, see HCL OneTest API reference.