Rendezvous transport

You must be aware of the requirements that must be satisfied for HCL OneTest API to work with TIBCO Rendezvous.

The following are the requirements:
  • The tibrvj.jar library is required. The default location of this library depends on the version of TIBCO Rendezvous, as shown in the following table:
    Rendezvous Version Default Location for Windows systems
    TIBCO Rendezvous 6 and 7 c:\tibco\tibrv\lib
    TIBCO Rendezvous 8.1 c:\tibco\tibrv\8.1\lib
    TIBCO Rendezvous 8.3 c:\tibco\tibrv\8.3\lib
    TIBCO Rendezvous 8.4 c:\tibco\tibrv\8.4\lib
    Note: You can modify the default locations for the specified libraries by using Library Manager. For more information, see Working with Library Manager.
  • Because the Rendezvous transport uses Java Native Interface (JNI), HCL OneTest API requires access to the following libraries:
    • Rendezvous native libraries
    • Java libraries

    On all systems, the PATH variable must include the Rendezvous bin folder. On non-Windows systems, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH or LIBPATH variable must include the Rendezvous lib folder.