Setting up the integration with HP Quality Center

To integrate with HP Quality Center, a series of files are provided that enable the Quality Center client to locate and execute tests and suites from a HCL OneTest API project. All modifications that are required for the integration are performed on the Quality Center server. All clients that connect to such servers are automatically updated to enable the HCL OneTest API functionality.

Supported versions

You can integrate HCL OneTest API with the following versions of HP Quality Center:
  • HP Quality Center 11.5, 12.2, and 12.5.

System requirements

Your computer must meet the minimum requirements and recommendations of a Quality Center client, as well as the requirements of an HCL OneTest API client.

For information about the HP Quality Center system requirements, supported browsers and any other specific configuration information, see the HP website and the product documentation.
  • When you use HP Quality Center 11.x (or later), security warnings are displayed when the customized components (Active X) are loaded in the browser. You must enable the permissions to load the components.
  • Clients accessing the Quality Center server also need permissions to install and run Active X components in their browser.