Preparing to use Docker

You must be aware of certain system requirements and other information resources to help you get started with using Docker.

Supported versions

To use Docker with HCL OneTest API for publishing and running stubs, you need Docker version 1.9.1 or later and the HCL OneTest API Docker image V9.2.1 or later.


Install Docker by following the instructions at

Next load the HCL OneTest API Docker image, by following these steps:

  1. Download the Docker image from the HCL Software License & Download portal.
  2. Load the Docker image into Docker by using the following command syntax:
    tar --wildcards --to-command='docker load' -xzf <Docker image> 'images/'*
    For example, to load the V9.2.1 Docker image, use the following command:
    docker load -i hcl-onetest-virtualization-9.2.1.tar.gz
Note: When you load an image for a fix pack version, the image is tagged with the base version and fix pack version, for example 9.2.1 and If an image with the base version tag exists, its tag is removed. Docker outputs a message similar to:
The image hcl-onetest-virtualization:9.2.1 already exists, renaming the old one with ID sha256:fcd32999531d0909b56326c589e34b87c5040d5f5de1a1c09ba411f785efdccf to empty string


The following table lists the various tasks that need you to run Docker commands and provides references to topics that contain detailed information about them:
Task Reference
Build and publish a Docker image See Dockerfile and build context in Publishing stubs, Publish stubs by using the command line, or Publish stubs by using an Ant task.
Run a stub that you published to a Docker container Running stubs in a Docker container
Stop a stub that you published to a Docker container Stopping stubs that are running in a Docker container
Query stub information in a Docker container Query stub information in Docker images and containers
Query Docker container logs Query Docker container logs


For help with using Docker, see the Docker documentation at