Resolving missing libraries errors

If you see that required libraries for a specific provider are missing, you must fix the error.

About this task

To resolve missing library errors, follow these steps:


  1. If any of the required libraries are missing for a specific provider, a red "x" () is displayed next to the provider name. The following graphic shows an example of a provider where the required libraries cannot be found.

    It is possible that the relevant application is not installed on the computer or that the libraries cannot be found in the expected default location.

  2. If the expected default location is incorrect, click Browse to find the correct location for all libraries of the selected provider, or select each library of the selected provider under Resource and click Edit to find the correct installation location of that library (refer to Configure default and custom provider library settings).
    Note: If the library file location is on a mapped network drive, you might get errors while running tests in a project. To prevent this, ensure that the files are available on a local drive that can be accessed by HCL OneTest API and its Agent.
  3. To resolve the problem that is shown in the previous graphic, modify the root directory. The files are located and the red "x" icon has changes to a green tick ().