Adding the libraries for database testing by using Library Manager

To enable HCL OneTest API access to the database for testing, you must add various libraries to the configuration.


  1. You must add the various libraries to the configuration.
    Note: The required IBM® Db2® and the Oracle JDBC drivers are installed with HCL OneTest API.

    Common databases can be found under Database (JDBC).

  2. Database libraries are selected and configured in the same way as third-party plug-ins. Under Providers, you select the database provider, and under Settings, you configure the libraries for that provider.
    Note: Database libraries are supplied by the database vendors.
  3. For each database that you want to use with HCL OneTest API, select the check box next to the specific provider name. If you do not select the relevant check box, Library Manager does not apply the changes.
    Note: Multiple databases can be selected in Library Manager.

What to do next

After the physical database is created, you must configure the database connection. For information, see Configuring the physical database resource.