Configuring HTTP watch mode (Unix-like installations only)

To complete installing HCL OneTest API on Unix-like systems, you must configure HTTP watch mode with Java Packet Capture (JPCAP).

About this task

JPCAP is an open source Java library for capturing and sending network packets and can be configured with HCL OneTest API to enable watch mode for HTTP transports.

Note: HTTP Watch Mode is not currently supported on macOS systems.

To enable JPCAP support on Unix-like systems:


  1. Ensure that both LibPCAP and JPCAP are installed.

    If they are not installed, install LibPCAP and then JPCAP (the order of installation is important) before you continue.

  2. Ensure that the current user ID has write permissions to the installation directories.
  3. Find the file on the HCL OneTest API server (for example, in /usr/local/lib).
  4. Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to the location of

    For example (by using bash):

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib
  5. Logged in as user root, run <Install_Directory>/LibConfig.

    Library Manager must be displayed and the registered network devices on the server must be listed under Default Network Device.

  6. Select the device that carries the packets that are transmitted to and from HCL OneTest API.
  7. When finished, click OK to save the changes and quit Library Manager.