Library manager command-line options

Use the LibConfig executable on computers that do not have a graphical user interface.

You can configure HCL OneTest API from the command line by using the -genLibSettings and -processLibSettings options with the LibConfig executable. For Windows systems, the executable is called LibConfig.exe.

The -genLibSettings option generates an XML configuration file. Ideally, you generate the file on a computer that is configured the same or similar to the target computer.

Before the generated configuration file is processed on the target computer, you can use the -processLibSettings option to edit the configuration details.

Note: You can use an existing file as a template. To do so, find a computer that runs the graphical version of Library Manager and locate the librarysettings.xml file in the user profile. The default location is C:\Documents and Settings\User ID\.integrationtester or C:\Users\User ID\.integrationtester on Windows systems, and ~/.integrationtester on Unix-like systems. For an example, see Library manager GUI settings.