Using a proxy server to connect to a license server

In some cases, you might want to use a proxy server to connect to a local license server or a cloud license server.


Procedure on Windows
  1. You must add these environment variables:
    1. Press Windows + Break to open the System Properties window. Select the Advanced tab then click Environment variables.
    2. Under System variables, click New to add the following environment variables.
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_URL to the URL of the proxy server, for example, http://<ProxyServer Host name>
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_PORT to the port on which the proxy server is listening.
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_USER to the user name to use to connect to the proxy server.
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_PASS to the password to use to connect to the proxy server.
Procedure on Linux (Ubuntu)
  1. Add the following environment variables to /etc/environment
    HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_URL=http://<ProxyServer Host name>
    HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_PORT=<ProxyServer Port number>
    HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_PROXY_USER=<ProxyServer user name>
  1. Additionally logging can be enabled by appending com.hcl.products.test.common.licensing.key.level=INFO to in the HCL OneTest API installation directory.

What to do next

Configuring HCL OneTest API