Setting up licensing

Before you start using HCL OneTest API, you must set up licensing.

Before you begin

  • You must have the URL of a configured FlexNet cloud license server with appropriate mapped entitlements. The cloud license server URL is this form:
  • With a cloud license server you also need its Server ID, which is typically a 12-character alphanumeric identifier.
  • If you are using stubs in high-performance mode you must have configured HCL Quality Server licensing separately. See Setting up licensing.

About this task

There are two license concepts:
  • An HCL OneTest API floating seat license. This is a portable license that is consumed on-demand, enabling several users and applications to time-share a license.
  • A Service Virtualization API call license. This is an entitlement to use a stub to process an agreed number of messages in high-performance mode.


  • When using HCL OneTest API a seat license is required. When licensed you can open a project, view, edit, and run resources on that computer. When stubs are run in HCL OneTest API they are throttled not consuming any additional entitlement. When closing the program this seat is released within 15 minutes.
  • All other programs (for example the command line RunTests) while running resources require a seat license, except in the case that stubs do not need a seat license instead consuming Service Virtualization API call entitlement.


Procedure on Windows
  1. You must add these environment variables:
    1. Press Windows + Break to open the System Properties window. Select the Advanced tab then click Environment variables.
    2. Under System variables, click New to add the following environment variables.
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_URL to the URL of the FlexNet cloud license server.
      • HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_ID to the Server ID of the cloud license server.
Procedure on Linux (Ubuntu)
  1. Add the following environment variables to /etc/environment
  1. Enable the licensing debug logs by doing these steps:
    1. Append com.hcl.products.test.common.licensing.key.level=INFO to in the HCL OneTest API installation directory
    2. Add the environment variable HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_DEBUG and set it to true
    3. Start the HCL OneTest API from the command line by using the -console parameter
  2. After the product installation, when you apply the license to the product, the license information is cached in a system directory. If there are any permission issues accessing the directory or the directory is deleted, there is a licensing error when you start the product. The workaround is to create an environment variable HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_STORAGE and specify a directory path. The licensing information is stored in this new directory, for example, C:\Users\<username>\HCLOneTest

What to do next

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