Choosing your installation preference

Choose the installation method that works best for your environment. Use IBM® Installation Manager graphical wizards or command line scripts to install the software.

About Installation Manager

IBM® Installation Manager is a program for installing, updating, and modifying HCL® applications or software. For information about Installation Manager, refer to the Installation Manager Knowledge Center.

If Installation Manager is already installed on your computer, you can use the existing Installation Manager instance to install the software.

Important: The version of Installation Manager that you use must be compatible with the versions of the software that you are installing. Refer to the software requirements to see the supported version of Installation Manager.

Installing by specifying repositories

If you are installing by specifying repositories:

  • Download and extract the installation packages.
  • Add repositories to point to the locations of the extracted installation files by using Installation Manager.
  • Start the installation by using the Installation Manager Install option.
For instructions on starting the installation by specifying repositories, see Installing HCL OneTest API.

Installing silently

You can install on multiple systems, install in non-interactive or silent mode. Use a supplied response file or generate one from Installation Manager to install silently. For more information about silent installation, see Installing the software silently.