Upgrading HCL OneTest API Agent

When a new version of software becomes available, you can perform an upgrade. Use IBM® Installation Manager to update the software installation.

The procedure for upgrading the package is the same as installing, except that in IBM® Installation Manager, you choose Update instead of Install.

Before upgrading

Before you upgrade HCL OneTest API Agent, you must stop the service.

Preserving the configuration file

Upgrading the HCL OneTest API Agent software or uninstalling an older version to move to a newer version (when the upgrade is not applicable) overwrites the existing Agent.config file. If there are settings in the Agent.config file that must be preserved, for example, HCL Quality Server domains and environments settings, copy the existing Agent.config file to a temporary location before upgrading. After the upgrade or uninstallation of the software has completed, overwrite the new Agent.config file with the old Agent.config file.