Configuring logging for metrics storage (KairosDB)

You can use the server configuration file of HCL Quality Server to configure the level and location of logging for metrics that are stored by using KairosDB.

  1. Go to the HCL Quality Server installation folder and locate the server configuration file. Typically, on Windows computers, the file is in <HCL Quality Server installation directory>\config and on non Windows computers, in /opt/<HCL Quality Server installation directory/config.
  2. Open server.custom.xml in a text editor.
  3. Add the following lines to the file.
    <!--The directory to which the kairosdb server should write logs-->
    <jndiEntry id="kairosdb/logs/dir" jndiName="kairosdb/logs/dir" value="&quot;${wlp.install.dir}/logs&quot;"/>
    <!--To what level of detail the kairosdb server should write its logs (TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN or ERROR)-->
    <jndiEntry id="kairosdb/logs/level" jndiName="kairosdb/logs/level" value="&quot;DEBUG&quot;"/>
The logs are then written to <HCL Quality Server installation directory>\logs\kairosdb.log, rolling over each day, keeping 30 days history, and logging statements at DEBUG level or above. The logs are also included in <HCL Quality Server installation directory>\logs\console.log.