Managing scenarios

Use HCL Quality Server to manage scenarios with command-line, Ant, and REST APIs.

Scenario selection

Use HCL Quality Server API to manage scenarios.

When selecting scenarios, the domain, environment, name and owner options must uniquely identify the scenario to start.
  • If there is only one scenario in an environment, only domain and environment are required.
  • If a user has only one scenario in an environment, domain, environment, and owner can be specified to uniquely identify that scenario. Otherwise domain, environment, and name are required to uniquely identify the scenario.
  • If the command is being used in an automated script, the name must always be used even if, at the time of writing the script, one of the preceding alternatives would be sufficient. This is because using the name creates resilience against future changes in the environment's list of scenarios.
  • It is possible to specify domain, environment, name, and owner, which would have the effect of uniquely identifying the scenario and verifying that it was created by a specific user.