Exit codes for Command-line client and Ant client

The HCL OneTest API Command-Line Client and the HCL Quality Server Ant Client applications share the same exit codes.

For information about the HCL OneTest API Command-Line Client, refer to Command-line interfaces.

Code range Description Examples Description
0 Success
1-9 Command line option errors 1 An option required for execution of a command was not provided.
2 Failed to open the specified project.
3 An option provided to the command was invalid.
10-19 Server connection errors 10 HCL Quality Server connection error.
20-29 Auxiliary resource discovery errors 20 Either the domain or the environment were not found.
21 A suitable agent could not be found.
30-39 Authentication and authorization errors 30 The environment was locked.
31 Unauthorized to perform the requested action.
40-49 Target discovery errors 40 The target resource (for example, stub to be started) was not found.
41 Multiple targets were found for the specified details, but only one can be operated on.
50-59 Action failure errors 50 The action requested by the user did not occur.
51 The action requested by the user started but then failed with an error.
52 A status (for example, "RUNNING", "STOPPING") is retrieved from the server but was not recognized.
53 The specified scenario is already running.
90-99 Unexpected errors 90 The server reported an unexpected client error (for example, bad request).
91 The server reported an unexpected server error (for example, internal server error).
92 The server reported an error that the client does not understand.