Building a system model manually

Manual system modeling can be done where synchronization or recording is not possible or there are no service components when synchronized.

Creating system models manually is a three-stage process. Logical components are bound to physical components by using one or more environments.

Manual system modeling

HCL OneTest API considers a number of components while you are building the system under test, such as service components, infrastructure components, operations, physical resources, and dependencies.

In the logical view:
  1. Create a service component and add its associated systems and resources.
  2. Add references, communication patterns, and types of transports that are associated with the service component.

In the physical view, add physical component details and test the connection.

Create new environments in HCL OneTest API. Environments hold the physical characteristics for each of your environments (for example, system integration testing or user acceptance testing). This makes it easier to switch between environments.