HCL OneTest API upgrade information and requirements

Before you upgrade HCL OneTest API, review the upgrade considerations. To complete the upgrade process, you might also need to upgrade the schema of the HCL OneTest API project results database.

Upgrading the software

No direct upgrade paths to the latest version are supported. To upgrade HCL OneTest API, HCL Quality Server or HCL OneTest API Agent packages to the latest version, uninstall any previously installed version and install the latest version. For install instructions, see Installing HCL OneTest API.

Before you upgrade the HCL OneTest API software

Before you upgrade an existing HCL OneTest API installation, read the release notes for the latest version of the software to learn about changes that might affect your use of HCL OneTest API, especially any new features.

Installation dependencies and considerations

The various components of the HCL OneTest API virtualization environment are designed to work together. In normal operation, all components (HCL OneTest API, HCL Quality Server, and HCL OneTest API Agent ) must all be at the same version. Otherwise, version-mismatch errors occur. An exception to this is HCL Quality Server, which supports older versions of agents and proxies registering with it. When you upgrade components, upgrade HCL Quality Server before you upgrade HCL OneTest API Agent and proxies.

Library Manager settings

Library Manager settings and most user preferences are preserved during the uninstallation or reinstallation process. During the installation of HCL OneTest API, run Library Manager at the end of the process and confirm that the settings are correct. Perspective and dialog layout preferences are reset.

Note: Library Manager writes some of its configuration details to a directory within the users home directory called .integrationtester, and to the HCL OneTest API installation directory. To ensure that Library Manager can write to the HCL OneTest API installation directory, the user ID that is used to install HCL OneTest API must be used when running Library Manager.

For information about Library Manager, see Working with the Library Manager.

Verifying and upgrading the results database schema

After you upgrade HCL OneTest API, or uninstall an older version to move to a newer version (when the upgrade is not applicable), verify that the schema version of the HCL OneTest API project results database in use is correct for the new version of HCL OneTest API. Update the schema if required.

To know the required schema version, do either of the following actions:
  • See the release notes for the release.
  • On the menu bar, click Project > Project Settings. Open the Server Settings tab and select a database provider.

    schema version

To verify and update the schema:
  • Verify the schema version in use:
    • On the menu bar, click Project > Project Settings. Select the Server Settings tab.
    • Click Test Connection
    The schema version in use must be compatible with the new version of the software as mentioned in the release notes.
  • To upgrade the schema, see Upgrading the project results database schema.
Before you roll the product out for general use, verify that the new version of HCL OneTest API runs your existing tests successfully.