Working in non-GUI mode

Many test actions can be completed in non-GUI mode by using the command line, Ant, or REST interfaces.

Note: When Ant tasks and HCL OneTest API commands communicate with the server over HTTPS any certificate that is presented by HCL Quality Server will be trusted.
Examples of processes that might run REST API commands include:
  • Automated build processes
  • Reporting tools
  • Plug-ins for other tools
  • Custom software programs

Many different programs can run REST commands. To run the command, you send an HTTP request to a REST resource and pass HTTP query parameters or a request body. The request body is typically in XML format, although a few resources use JSON.

Alternatively, build processes that already use the Apache Ant client can use the Ant API. When calling from other scripts, or executing commands manually, you can call the API directly from the command line, as in the following example:
IntegrationTesterCmd --serverUrl "" --domain myDomain --environment localhost --name "My stub" start-stub

You can also call an Ant task from the command line.

Using the command line requires an installation of HCL OneTest API, and using Ant requires the HCL Quality Server Ant tasks archive file, as well as an installation of Ant. Stand-alone programs written in languages like Java and C# can call REST methods directly.

The table below gives an overview of the actions that can be also be completed by using a non-GUI interface.
Table 1. Available actions and their associated interfaces
Actions Command line Ant tasks REST services, grouped by resource type
Managing authentication for REST services See REST services.
Running tests RunTests IntegrationTester
Managing test results IntegrationTesterCmd command
Managing domains See all the REST services at /RTCP/api/swagger-ui.html
Managing environments IntegrationTesterCmd command See all the REST services at /RTCP/api/swagger-ui.html
Managing scenarios IntegrationTesterCmd command See all the REST services at /RTCP/api/swagger-ui.html
Managing stubs IntegrationTesterCmd command See all the REST services at /RTCP/api/swagger-ui.html

Availability of the various interfaces

Command line
Both the RunTests and IntegrationTesterCmd commands are supplied with HCL OneTest API. For more information on the commands, see Command-line interfaces.
Support for the environment, scenario and stub Ant tasks is supplied with HCL Quality Server. Support for the IntegrationTester Ant task is supplied only with HCL OneTest API. For more information on the Ant tasks, see Ant tasks.
The REST interfaces described here are only a set of specifications, so no client is provided. However REST calls must be made to an instance of HCL Quality Server. For more information on the REST services, see REST services.

Domain level security

Note: By default, domain-level security is not enabled.
If domain-level security is enabled, a security token must be specified.
  • For the command-line, use the securityToken option.
  • For Ant tasks, use the securityToken attribute.
  • For the REST APIs, use the X-Jazz-Session Authorization header. For more details, see REST and HCL Quality Server security.
For information about how to create a security token, see Creating and assigning security tokens.

The following topics explain how to use the command line, Ant tasks, or REST interfaces.