Extracting data from HCL Informix


  1. Login as “Informix” user:
    sudo -u informix bash
  2. Check the output using id command:
    # uid=1500(informix) gid=1500(informix) groups=1500(informix),1501(onedbexpu)
  3. copy the passwords:
    cp /tmp/passwords  /home/informix/passwords
    chmod 600 /home/informix/passwords
    # ls -l /home/informix/passwords
    # -rw------- 1 informix informix 273 Nov 19 18:24 /home/informix/passwords
  4. Copy disk_encryption files:
    cp /tmp/ol_aws_disk_encryption.p12 /home/informix/server/etc/ol_onedb_disk_encryption.p12
    cp /tmp/ol_aws_disk_encryption.stl /home/informix/server/etc/ol_onedb_disk_encryption.stl
    Note: If the server verison is prior to Informix 14.10.FC5, it will not have *.stl file#, instead it will have password for the KeyStore, then use the onkstash utility to create a password stash file for an existing PKCS#12 keystore.
    cd /home/informix/server/etc/
    onkstash ol_onedb_disk_encryption.p12 TheNewDiskEncryptionPwdxyz
  5. Apply the 600 file permissions to the "/home/informix/server/etc/ol_onedb_disk_encryption*" files:
    $ chmod 600 /home/informix/server/etc/ol_onedb_disk_encryption*
  6. Verify the updated file permissions:
    $ ls -l /home/informix/server/etc/*disk_encryption*
  7. Extract the server data:
    cd /data
    tar -xvf /tmp/ifxdata.tar
  8. Truncate the log files:
    cd /data/logs
    truncate -s 0 /data/logs/online.log jsonListener.log informix-wirelistener-service-helper.log informix-server-service-helper.log bar_act.log