Configuring OneDB Explore

OneDBExplore is a web-based monitoring and administration tool for DBAs and developers which by default will already be configured, up and running. The Explore Server and Agent processes run as the OS user "onedbexpu".
  • From your provisioned instance, open a browser and connect to OneDB Explore at
  • If you prefer to access OneDB Explore from a remote host, ensure that the AWS Security Group permits the traffic, and then use the browser to connect to https:// (your EC2 instance IP address) :28002.
  • Details about the initial credentials can be found in the /opt/hcl/onedb/explore/explore/ file. This is a text file and can be viewed using the UNIX “cat” command. For more information, see Starting OneDB Explore Server.
  • To change the password for the “OneDB Explore server admin”, log into OneDB Explore as user admin and then navigate to the User Settings area. For more information, see OneDB Explore Server – User Settings.