Deploying a snapshot with the deployment utility

Deploy a snapshot of an instance by using the ifxdeploy utility on the target computer.

Before you begin

Before you deploy a snapshot, you must meet the following prerequisites:
  • Windows™: Windows Administrator privileges on the target computer.
  • Windows: The required Visual C++ runtime libraries must exist on the target computer. You can install these libraries by one of the following methods:
    • Copy the %ONEDB_HOME%\bin\vcredist.exe file to the target computer and run the executable file.
    • Run the following command on the target computer:
      vcredist.exe /q:a /c:"msiexec /i vcredist.msi /qn"
  • Linux™: and UNIX™: Root privileges on the target computer, if you want the instance to be owned by user informix. Alternatively, deploy the snapshot as a non-root user.
  • The target computer has sufficient disk space for the snapshot. You must have the same amount of space as was used on the template computer. The space required depends on what you included in the snapshot, such as data, extra files, or other applications.
  • The target computer must be in the same operating system family as the source computer.

About this task

This procedure describes how to deploy that snapshot with a configuration file. Alternatively, you can use command-line options to specify the same information that is contained in the configuration file.


To deploy the snapshot on the target computer:
  1. Create the directory for the server and save the following files in that directory:
    • The server snapshot
    • The ifxdeploy utility file
  2. If you have a data snapshot (valid formats are .zip and .tar), you can instruct the ifxdeploy utility to automatically deploy the snapshot with the --image_archive archive_file, dest_directory option. The destination directory must not exist. If you use this option you must also specify the --rootpath option to configure the current root chunk of the instance. If the data spaces on the source computer are not all in the same directory, include the --relocate option with the correct directory names for each data space.
  3. Include the following ifxdeploy command options and any other options you need:
    • -i ONEDB_HOME
    • --ixpass password
  4. Run the ifxdeploy command with the appropriate options.
  5. Windows: Manually add the HCL OneDB™ .NET drivers to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).