Server instance manager command-line options (Windows)

The instmgr.exe utility is a command-line version of the Server Instance Manager that extends the ability to configure the HCL OneDB™ database server instance with command-line options.

You must have administrative privileges on the database server. However, local administrator privileges are sufficient, even if the database server was installed for domain use.

The following table describes the instmgr.exe utility options.
Table 1. The instmgr.exe utility options
Option Meaning
-alias DRDA_server_alias -drdaport DRDA_port drdasvc DRDA_service_name Command-line for stand-alone support of DRDA® in the DBMS.
-apw password Specifies the user informix password for a new instance.
-c -n servername -apw informix_password Creates an instance of the database server.
-rename -apw informix_password -n new_name old_name Rename an existing server name.
-s .ini_filename Initialize the specified instance in silent mode.
-f .ini_ filename Retrieve some information from a partial initialization file, and the remainder from the user.
-d -n servername Delete the specified instance.
Warning: This option removes related dbspaces and deletes the data.
-dall Delete all instances.
Warning: This option removes related dbspaces and deletes the data.
-uall -v version Upgrade all instances to the specified version. (Upgrading a single instance in a multi-instance environment is not supported.)
-r -v version -n servername Revert the specified instance to the specified version.
-rall -v version Revert all instances to the specified version.
-b64 Base64_password Specifies Base64 encoded password.
-l Indicates cluster installation.
-system Create database server instance that runs as local system user instead of user informix. The database server must be installed as local system user to use this option.