Redistributing Informix with scripts (UNIX, Linux)

You can extract HCL OneDB™ product files from the installation media for script-based redistribution to other computers.

Before you begin

Complete the following prerequisite tasks:

About this task

During this procedure you run the installation application to extract the installation media files, and then you redistribute the database server and client products on other computers. You can use this approach in a deployment scenario or for an embedded software solution where you want to save time and reduce the amount of required disk space.
Restriction: Do not start the database server if problems occur during the installation or you can cause further installation problems.


To install the database server with a script:
  1. Run the ids_install installation command.
  2. When you are prompted to select an option for your installation goals, select Extract the product files (-DLEGACY option).
  3. Follow the instructions in the installation application.
  4. While logged in as the root user, manually install the Global Security Kit by running the installgskit from the $INFORMIXDIR/gskit directory.
  5. Copy the contents of the installation directory and place them into the directory of another computer where you want to redistribute the products.
    The contents include the RUNasroot scripts that you use for redistribution.
  6. Run the following script to complete the redistribution of the database server files: RUNasroot.installserver
  7. Run the onsecurity utility to verify that the path where the product was redistributed is secure.


Log files are created during the installation process. You can use the log files to troubleshoot installation errors.

What to do next

Complete any applicable postinstallation tasks, including initiating disk space when you start the server for the first time.