export config argument: Export configuration parameter values (SQL administration API)

Use the export config argument with the admin() or task() function to export a file that contains all configuration parameters and their current values.


EXECUTE FUNCTION { admin | task } ( "export config" , "file_path" );
Table 1. export config command elements
Element Description Key Considerations
file_path Full path name for the file Do not add an extension.


The SQL administration API export command automatically creates an ASCII file, assigning it the name that you specified in the command. The format of the file is the same as the format of the onconfig.std file.

You must specify the full path name. You cannot specify a relative path.

This command is the equivalent of the onmode -we commend.


The following command exports all configuration parameters and their current values to a file named cfg_12 in the /tmp directory:

EXECUTE FUNCTION task("export config", "/tmp/cfg_12");