What's new in 12.0.1 Beta 2

The following features and enhancements are new in Beta 2.

Mail: Added support for "Restore archived mail" and "Restore and delete archived mail" actions

Users can now restore or restore and delete mail that has been archived.

To restore an email, navigate to your archived mail (Show More > Archive). From the options tab above the inbox, select Restore > Restore. To restore and delete the email, select Restore > Restore and Delete.

restore archived mail
To restore or restore and delete a selection of emails, select the emails you wish to modify. Select Restore > Restore/Restore And Delete.
Note: When a user selects multiple documents to restore/restore and delete, a progress bar displays.

Alternatively, you can view Restore and Restore And Delete actions in the main menu. Select Actions > /Restore/Restore And Delete:

For more information on archived mail, see Archiving messages to free up space.

Workspace: Workspace icon improvements

The following enhancements were added to icons in the Workspace:
  • Added transparency to the 32x32 icons and removed the white background.
  • Added a multi-replica indicator on icons with multiple replicas.
  • The unread count indicator has been improved.

workspace improvements beta 2

Install: Silent install for Cascaded installer

Silent install is now supported for Cascaded installer.

Cascaded installer combines MUI (incremental language) kits with the English installer. For more information, see Using the cascaded Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack installer.