Configuring Nomad via notes.ini settings

This topic describes how to configure notes.ini settings.

You can set the notes.ini via MDM (if mobile, not web), a Domino policy, or panagenda MarvelClient. The notes.ini action in MarvelClient which can be used for Nomad with just the basic MarvelClient essential license is recommended.

For information on setting the "notesINISettings" setting via MDM, see Managing HCL Nomad via an MDM provider (mobile).

For information on setting a Domino policy, see Assigning Notes®.INI settings through user policies.

For information on setting the notes.ini via MarvelClient, see this panagenda blog post.

Name Default Description


The value is the Replica ID of the database, so StartupDB=81118403:005BBCD6 would cause Nomad to open 81118403:005BBCD6 on every launch.
To have Nomad always open a specific database when Nomad is launched, use the this setting to specify the database.