Managing HCL Nomad via an MDM provider

Starting with version 1.0.4, HCL Nomad for iOS supports managed configuration via most common Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers. All MDM providers are slightly different in how they implement managed configurations for applications.

Note: This article is intended to provide details on how to enable managed configurations for the HCL Nomad application – it is not intended to be a replacement for a specific MDM provider’s documentation.

HCL Nomad has defined a set of managed configuration settings that can be uploaded and configured in your MDM provider’s App Catalog.

Your MDM provider might support implementing configuration settings through uploading them via an XML file. For this case, an XML file is available through this support article to use as a starting point for your customizations.

Note: The following table describes the Nomad configuration settings that are available. Each MDM provider has its own method for implementing these settings. Refer to your MDM provider's documentation for details.

Configuration settings

Table 1. Account settings
Key Name Label Default Value Description
dominoServerName Domino server name Empty String Domino server name. Example: myserver/myorg
dominoServerHostName Domino server host name Empty String Provide the fully qualified Domino server host name or IP address. Example:
userName User name Empty String The first and last name of the user. Multiple user name formats supported.
lockAccountSettings Lock user account settings False Lock the user account settings so the end user can not change the values manually on the device.
enableDNS Enable DNS lookup from the client True If disabled the IP Address must be specified for Domino server host name field and any relevant connection documents.
Table 2. Marvel Client settings
Key name Label Default Value Description
enableMarvelClient Enable MarvelClient True When enabled, the MarvelClient will be allowed to manage the application.
marvelClientConfigDB MarvelClient Configuration DB Empty String Location of MarvelClient Configuration DB, can be fully qualified or use %notes_homeserver% to specify the user's home mail server. Ex: %notes_homeserver%!!panagenda\pmc_config.nsf
marvelClientConfigDBNotResolvable MarvelClient Configuration DB Not Resolvable Empty String Default MC DB to use if %notes_homeserver% is specified in marvelClientConfigDB field and can not be resolved. Ex: myserver!!panagenda\pmc_config.nsf
marvelClientConfigDBUnavailable MarvelClient Configuration DB Unvailable Empty String MarvelClient configuration DB to use if unable to connect to the database specified by marvelClientConfigDB or marvelClientConfigDBNotResolvable. Ex: myAlternateServer!!panagenda\pmc_config.nsf
Table 3. Application Restrictions
Key Name Label Default Value Description
enableAttachmentAdd Enable adding attachments from the mobile device True When enabled, the user will be able to add attachments from the mobile device. This includes photos, videos, direct capture from camera and attachment of files.
enableAttachmentView Enable view of attachments True When enabled, attachments can be viewed and shared from the mobile device.
enableCutCopyPaste Enable cut, copy and paste operations True When enabled, cut, copy and paste operations will be permitted from within the application.
enableImport Enable import of content from the mobile device True When enabled, the user will be able to import content from the mobile device. This includes import of photos, direct capture from camera and import content from file.
enableMail Enable open of mail application True When enabled, the user will be able to open their Notes mail application from within the Application.
enableReplication Enable local replication True When enabled, Notes applications can be replicated to an offline replica stored on the mobile device.
maxReplicaAttachmentSize Maximum attachment size (MB) 10 Maximum attachment size in megabytes (MB) allowed to replicate to the mobile device. Set to zero to allow all attachments. This value can be changed on the device unless maxReplicaAttachmentSizeLock is set to true.
maxReplicaAttachmentSizeLock Lock max attachment setting False Locks the maximum attachment size setting so the end user can not change the value manually on the device when creating a local replica.
Table 4. Miscellaneous settings
Key Name Label Default Value Description
notesINISettings Notes.ini settings for the Nomad application Empty String Array Any desired notes.ini setting. Enter one notes.ini setting per row. Example: MY_NOTESINI_SETTING=myvalue