Configuring application restrictions on Nomad clients

The following application restrictions can be set via the MarvelClient Configuration Database. These restrictions apply to the Nomad client after the user has completed a successful initial login. See the MarvelClient documentation for more information on using the MarvelClient Configuration Database.
Value Description
Ignore Does not set the value, Nomad default or MDM setting will take effect.
Note: If a previous value was set, it remains in effect. Use Nomad default to remove.
Enable Enable the setting.
Disable Disable the setting.
Nomad default Removes the setting. This allows the Nomad default or MDM setting to take effect.
Restriction Label Default value Nomad default value Description
Attachments Enable adding attachments from the mobile device Ignored Enabled When enabled, the user is able to add attachments from the mobile device. This includes photos, videos, direct capture from camera and attachment of files.
Attachments Enable adding attachments Ignored Enabled When enabled, attachments can be viewed and shared from the mobile device.
Cut/Copy/Paste Enable cut, copy, and paste operations Ignored Enabled When enabled, cut, copy and paste operations is permitted from within the application.
Import Enable import of content from the mobile device Ignored Enabled When enabled, the user is able to import content from the mobile device. This includes import of photos, direct capture from camera and import content from file.
Users mail Enable opening of mail application Ignored Enabled When enabled, the user is able to open their Notes mail application from within the Application.
Replication Enable local replication Ignored Enabled When enabled, Notes applications can be replicated to an offline replica stored on the mobile device.
Replication Maximum attachment size (MB) Ignored 10MB Maximum attachment size in megabytes (MB) allowed to replicate to the mobile device. Set to zero to allow all attachments.
Note: This value can be changed on the device unless Lock max attachment setting is set to Lock.
Replication Lock max attachment setting Ignored Disabled Locks the maximum attachment size setting so the end user can not change the value manually on the device when creating a local replica.
Biometric Authentication. Enable use of Biometric Authentication Ignore Enabled When enabled, the user can configure biometric authentication as an alternative to entering the notes id password.
Note: The Biometric Authentication restriction does not apply to initial logins since an initial login is required to obtain the MC settings. To prevent the user from enabling Biometric Authentication at initial login, use an MDM provider to disable and set to Nomad Default in the MC configuration database.