Creating z/OS® component versions

You can create z/OS component version by running the command from job control language (JCL) or from the z/OS® UNIX System Services command line. You can also create z/OS component version by using the z/OS® File Source Config plug-in.

About this task

In an automated system, typically, you write a script that runs the command after a build is created by your build system. The command then creates a component version which can be deployed using a deploy process.

What to do next

You can work with the component that contains z/OS® files as you would work with any other component in HCL Launch. Use the z/OS® Utility plug-in to create processes that deploy components that contain z/OS® files.

See the HCL Launch website for information about the z/OS® Utility plug-in: Plugins.

Note: IMS.TFORMAT members (member name containing non-readable characters) are not supported. PDS members name can have ONLY [0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ@#$] characters.