Customizing the Getting Started window

You can customize the URLs that are contained in the Getting Started window that is displayed the first time that a user logs in to the HCL Launch server.

About this task

By clicking the TUTORIAL, INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS, QUESTIONS, and DOCUMENTATION links, you can access content that is designed to assist new users as they begin working with the server. To update the URLs that are contained in the links on this window, you add the URLs to a settings file.


  1. On the HCL Launch server host, open the /server_installation/server/appdata/conf/server/ file.
    For the server_installation value, specify the folder in which the HCL Launch server is installed.
  2. Add URLs to the properties in the file.
    You can provide override values for any number of the available URLs.
    • To change the TUTORIAL link, provide a value for the server.getting_started_tutorial.url parameter.
    • To change the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS link, provide a value for the server.getting_started_video.url parameter.
    • To change the QUESTIONS link, provide a value for the server.getting_started_question.url parameter.
    • To change the DOCUMENTATION link, provide a value for the server.getting_started_documentation.url parameter.
    For example, to direct the links to custom content on your intranet, the properties in the file might resemble the following code:
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the server.


When users access the Getting Started window, the links lead to the URLs that you specified.

What to do next

To return the links to their default values, remove the URLs from the file and restart the server.