Deploying components in an application process

You can deploy one or more components in an application process by calling component processes.

Before you begin

  • Create an application and add one or more components to the application.
  • Create an application process.
  • Create a component process of the Deployment type for each component.
    Important: If Deployment is not selected for Type, the deployment process will not succeed.


  1. In an application process, add the Install Component step to the process, and click the edit icon edit icon. The Edit Properties window opens.
  2. In the properties for this step, specify the component to deploy and the component process to run.
    For more information about this step, see Install Component.
  3. When you drag more steps to the process diagram, position the step so that the link between steps is highlighted, and then drop the step. The step is automatically linked to the earlier and subsequent steps.
  4. Verify that all processes are connected in the correct order and that the flow is connected to the Start and Finish nodes; then, save the process.
  5. Run the process on an environment.


The following example application process deploys two components. The Install Component A and Install Component B steps call the deployment processes for each component.An example application process that uses the Install Component step twice to deploy two components