The dtxlicutil command

The dtxlicutil command works with the licensed features of HCL Link HCL Link. Use it to register a computer with a license server, acquire or release licenses, and display details about license usage for an entitlement.

{[-type cls -serverurl server_URL -serverid server_ID] |  
 [-type lls -host {[hostname:port] | [ip_addr:port]]}}
[-acquire [HIPF_Cores] [HIPH_Cores] [HIPSAP_Cores] [HIPSC_Cores]]
Registers the host name of the host computer with the specified license server. Specify either the cloud license server or a local license server as follows:
cls -serverurl server_URL -serverid server_ID
Cloud license server. You must specify the server URL and the server ID of the cloud license server.
lls -host https://hostname:port
lls -host https://ip_addr:port
Local license server. You must specify either the host name and port of the local license server or the IP address and port of the local license server. Also include "https://" when providing the hostname or IP address as shown above.
You cannot run other dtxlicutil commands on the host computer until you register the computer's host name with a license server.
Displays the connection details of the license server that the host computer is registered with.
Displays the number of logical processors and physical cores on the host computer.
Displays the total number of licenses for all features in an entitlement on the license server, and the number of licenses that are available to acquire.
Displays the licenses that the host computer currently holds.
-acquire [HIPF_Cores] [HIPH_Cores] [HIPSAP_Cores] [HIPSC_Cores]
By default, requests the HIP_Cores runtime feature license from the license server (no keyword is required). You must specify the name of any other (non-runtime) feature on the -acquire command to retain its license on the host computer; otherwise, the non-runtime license is released.
Releases all feature licenses from the host computer.