Authenticating connections

Salesforce uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol to allow you to access data securely by using the access token. User requires username and password to renew the access token. Before making REST API calls through Salesforce Adapter, you must authenticate the application user using OAuth 2.0. See the documentation on the Salesforce website to set up the application as Connected App.

For more information on Salesforce REST APIs see the Salesforce REST API Resources documentation on the Salesforce website.

Salesforce adapter as a source:

The Salesforce adapter as a source is used to:
  • Get a record.
  • Execute a Query
  • Check the query performance.
  • Search a String.

Salesforce adapter as a target:

The Salesforce adapter as a target is used to:
  • Insert a record.
  • Update a record.
  • Delete a record.